NTA announce the revised proposals of the network redesign for the Dublin area Bus Network  will be published  on Tuesday 22nd October and will give details to Councilors and Public Reps of the upcoming second round of public consultation process. These proposals will give rise to significant changes to the Greater Dublin Area . The NTA plan to include the following as part of this phase of the public consultation process.

  • local area bookletwill be delivered to every home and commercial business in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) over the next two weeks detailing the network redesign proposals in their local area including how people can get involved in the consultation process and give their feedback. In addition all booklets and maps will be on the BusConnects website from Tuesday (www.busconnects.ie) and will be available in HTML, PDF and Audio versions.
  • We have also developed a Route Mapper, an online tool, which allows people to simply input where they are, where they want to go and it will clearly show them the proposed route options available. This online tool will be live on our website (www.busconnects.ie) from Tuesday.
  • Local information sessions will take place for communities served by the bus network in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA). The dates and locations of these local information sessions will be available on our website (www.busconnects.ie) from Tuesday and will be advertised locally.

We will be watching this very closely as the phase one of this project planned to scrap the 11 bus route completely. We are asking all residents to make submissions into this phase too.