DCC Audio recording of the North West area committee in May 2018 – transcribed by GADRA!

GADRA has transcribed the DCC Audio recording of the North west area committee meeting which took place in May in order to make this accessible to our residents with  hearing loss. (see attached document) We have been requesting that the NW area meetings be webcast in the interest of openness and transparancy for over two years with no success. Very important decisions that impact on the daily lives of residents are made at these meetings and without webcasting we can not follow how these decisions are made. 

Following multiple requests to webcast the DCC Councillors decided not to webcast but to audio record just one section of the May meeting which is of no benefit to our residents with hearing loss. DCC only recorded 18 minutes of the full meeting which dealth with one issue only and we have to ask why the elected Councillors  requested that only one item should be recorded out of the full meeting!  We have again requested that the June 2018 meeting be moved to City Hall for purposes of facilitating Webcasting and have so far been refused. We have also requested that any further Audio recording needs to be transcribed by DCC and are awaiting a response.

Please refer to the following attachment.

Transcript DCC NW area committee meeting May 2018