GADRA meets with Fianna fail

GADRA meets with FF spokesperson on transport in Dail on 27th Nov to discuss related transport projects in our area.

NTA are to come before the Fianna fail Parlimentary party in the first week of December. Mary Fitzpatrick arranged for GADRA to meet with Robert Troy (FF spokesperson on Transport) in the Dail on the 27th November, to disscuss the issues with both transport infrastructure projects in our area.
Robert Troy had a good understanding of the issues and of the particular problems facing the elderly in our community in relation to these projects and will seek clarification and information from the NTA. Mary Fitzpatrick will update us after the forthcoming NTA meeting.

Attached are the issues discussed at the above mentioned meeting in the Dail, on the 27th November.

Robert Troy , GADRA meeting in Dail.