GADRA to meet with NTA, Thurdsay 14th March 2019.

GADRA have been waiting several months for a meeting with the NTA to discuss and make the NTA aware of the concerns our association has with BusConnects plan for our area and given that our area will be impacted by the Network Redesign phase (loss of 11 and 13 bus routes) 2 CBC’s, loss of all trees on Mobhi road and CPO of gardens or a one way system going south only and Metrolink. EPR to be announced yet with the impact of all associated construction traffic not factored in. All these projects are planned for the same time frame! Please refer to the attached document which outline issues that will be raised by GADRA at the meeting with the NTA on the 14th March. If you have an issue not addressed in the attached document please send it to [email protected] as soon as possible.

NTA meeting brief document