Griffith Avenue Cycle-way!

Dublin City Council COVID Mobility Committee released plans for Griffith Avenue cycle way from Walnut Rise to Drumcondra rd. (see attached). This cycle way has already been approved from Ballymun rd to Walnut Rise with some of the changes and issues that residents and GADRA have already raised. (see attached). Please send your comments or issues to  [email protected]  and also to your Councillors who are part of this process. GADRA have concerns about the safety at the  Griffith Avenue and Drumcondra rd intersection.-cyclists going straight through the crossing will be positioned on the extreme left of the road and cars turning left will be crossing over this lane. We have asked that this safety issue be addressed. We have suggested that this is looked at in the same way as the Northbound traffic on the Malahide rd at the turn for Griffith Ave whereby the cyclists that are progressing straight on, are moved to the right of the turning traffic. Please engage in this process as there will be impacts on the area and now is the time to have your say!

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Griffith Ave to Drumcondra rd 3 of 3

Public Consultation summary.