Leaf Mulch Project.

We are delighted that the communal Leaf Mulch Cages are now in position and ready for you to place leaves in. We have three cages outside Corpus Christi Church on Griffith Avenue and also along the DCU field on Griffith Avenue. We are hoping to get more into possition next week. Please put the collected leaves into these cages and help to make this project a success. We also need to keep paths safe for our elderly residents to walk on. 

There are also cages available for your garden and these are being delivered this week for those who signed up at the recent GADRA AGM. If you would like a cage please contact us by email or simply text. We are aware that there is an ongoing issue with residents obtaining bags to collect the leaves and we have requested that DCC set up a ‘Pop Up’ office in the Corpus Christi Hall one day a week  -we are awaiting a response from DCC and will update you when we have attained a reply.

Communal Leaf Mulch Cages

Leaf Mulch cage for Garden use.