Managing Mobility at Dublin City University

Recently some GADRA committee members attended a briefing with Samantha Fahy (Sustainability Officer) of DCU. This covered some of the challenges facing DCU in terms of their impact on the environment and especially how it can impact us as local residents. For example:
  • Currently there are c.1,800 parking spaces in DCU yet the daily demand is for > 5,000 cars.
  • Currently there are 17,000 students and 2,200 staff – this is due to grow to 29,000 by 2028
  • There are now 3 x academic campuses, 1 x sports campus and 1 x innovation campus
  • They are seeking to actively promote & support walking & cycling  across various campuses
  • They will be trialing an Inter Campus bike scheme from June (similar to Dublin bike scheme) 
  • They are looking at increasing on campus accommodation from 1,450 beds to 2,600 by 2020
  • They are considering  looking to establish a bike way from Collins Ave through Griffith Ave (via Elmhurst lands) down to St. Patrick’s College

These are all important issues that could have an impact on our area and we appreciate DCU sharing this with us. GADRA want to make sure that residents have as much information as possible so we are posting the presentation in full in the attached PDF for your information. 

Download link below:

 DCU presentation.pdf