MetroLink Intervention Shaft (Albert College Park).

TII refuses GADRA’s request  to the release of the responses submitted to the consultation on the Shaft in Albert College Park, because it relates to “deliberative processes of TII”.

We have called on ALL politicians to request that this information which relates to public consultation is put into the public domain.

The TII also plans to hold an “update” meeting on Monday 22nd March at 4pm on Microsoft team, but are then limiting attendees to 2 or 3 people. As we are in level 5 restrictions and as a Residents Association we have NO means of disseminating this information to you…Thus, we are calling on TII to allow anyone who wishes to attend this Teams online meeting, to do so! We can not understand why TII feel that they can limit a ‘public consultation’ to just a few people. It is THEIR responsibility to consult and inform the public!

Please refer to the document below it relates to TII’s response to GADRA’s request (text underlined) for information under Freedom of Information (FOI Act 2014)

Response from TII in relation to GADRA’s request for information under FOI