National Transport Authority

G.A.D.R.A. makes a submission to the National Transport Authority on Dublin Bus Networks (route 11). See below letter

6th June 2017

Dear NTA

As a residents association which represents over 1000 homes in the Griffith Ave and Drumcondra area we are concerned that the 11 bus route is yet again under threat.

This bus route is extremely important to the residents within our area. The loss of same will cause undue hardship on the many regular users of this bus. Accordingly we wish to make the following points:

  • The 11 is one of a few bus routes that cross from the north to the south side of our city. We are aware that the brief of the consultants in this present study is to reduce the number of routes crossing through the city centre yet we would argue that this unique route is vital to both North and South side residents.
  • The 11 serves our three main Dublin universities and many primary and secondary schools on one continuous route.
  • As a unique route serving UCD, Trinity and DCU (and linking DCU’s three campus settings DCU Ballymun St Patricks College and All Hallows) it opens up opportunities to residents from both sides of city access to all of these institutions. Indeed to curtail this unique route would be in our opinion impede equality of opportunity of access to these universities to large cohort of the student population.
  • Many students will already have made CAO choices based on the existence of this route.
  • The 11 is a route that does not attract the same level of anti-social behaviour that occurs on many other routes and is the route preferred by, parents for their children so they do not have to change buses in the city centre, students themselves and the many elderly who use this route.

We note that this review by the consultants is taking place when the secondary school and universities serviced by this route are on summer break. We therefore would like to object to any public consultation taking place over the holiday period- July /August. It is our understanding that this is the planned timetable for this study.

We are residents association representing over 1000 homes that will be impacted by any decision made with regard to the 11 bus route. We wish to be kept informed at all stages of this process

Furthermore we formally request that NTA ensure Dublin Bus is subject to the Freedom of Information legislation going forward. It is unclear to us why an organisation in receipt of Tax payers’ money should not be open and transparent in this manner.

I look forward to hearing from you in relation to the above.

Yours sincerely

John Webb