Northsiders Shafted again by NTA! :- The NTA are taking public parkland for a Metrolink vent shaft and maintenance car park without consulting DCC or local residents!

See the attached responses from Hugh Creegan (NTA) and Suzanne Angley (TII) to issues we have raised with Paschal Donohoe and Roisin Shortall.

Gadra find both these attached responses inadequate in the context of the seriousness of the matter, and we feel misled with regards to the plans to put a permanent above ground ventilation shaft and maintenance car park into a public park without ANY consultation! Both parties admit that the public have not yet been consulted on the Preferred route, TII were not ready to consult on the shaft….Yet TII proceeded with the project and have already decided on the ‘Preferred Route’ and are indeed preparing the EIA on this route! The above mentioned shaft is now integral to the Preferred Route, so when TII say that they plan to consult with YOU ( the public), over the Christmas period, regarding the Shaft, GADRA believe what they are saying is that they are consulting with you in relation to the Shaft design, but NOT is relation to the existence of the shaft or its position!

We believe the situation to be that TII cannot carry out consultation on the position of one structure on the Preferred Route, unless they reopen consultation on the whole preferred route. TII have made it very clear that they are NOT reopening consultation on the Preferred Route!

In summary, it is GADRA’s opinion that residents of Drumcondra/Glasnevin have not and will not be afforded the same right to participate in the decision making process, or have had an appropriate level of access to all relevant information during key stages of that decision making process. This prevents residents to contribute in a meaningful manner into the consultation process! We believe this to be unfair and unjust!

We are asking ALL politicians and local representatives why the residents of this area are being treated differently  to residents along the rest of route? We are seeking that they correct  this injustice and reopen consultation on the preferred route!

Please refer to attached documents:-

NTA reply to GADRA via Paschal

TII reply to GADRA via Roisin