NTA delay ‘consultation’ on the proposed Metro vent shaft in Albert College park until after the election!

Metrolink proposed ventilation/maintenance Shaft (and car park):-

The NTA/TII have postponed the ‘consultation’ on the Albert College Park, Shaft. This Shaft is a permanent above ground structure which the NTA plan to place in our park. This plan was excluded from the public consultation on the Preferred Route in May 2019. The TII have stated that the ‘mini consultation’ will now commence on Februrary 12th 2020, in order to avoid running the consultation during an election.

We are asking YOU to support GADRA’s call for this above ground structure to be now changed to a below ground station – ‘Hampstead Station’, thus saving our park for permanent damage, and significant loss of green space. We also believe ALL commuters will benefit enormously from this proposed station, as it will provide better access to Metrolink. 

Please raise this with ALL politicians throughout the election campaign! Please ask them to actively support this call and request EACH candidate to make a submission to the TII on Feburary 12th, supporting the ‘Hampstead Station’.