Plans to re-zone the grass verge (along ‘DCU field’) on Griffith Avenue!

Plans to re zone grass verge on Griffith Ave along the DCU Field to facilitate vehicular access

Please make a submission to DCC and contact your Councillors and TDs requesting that the current Z9 zoning remains.

GADRA has been informed by DCC planning that Cllr Niall Ring put in the motion to remove the Z9 zoning and request that the verge along the Griffith Avenue field is changed to White Land . This White Land status is for land that has no specific purpose yet we know DCU requested that this verge is re zoned Z12 as they want it for vehicular access to the field for development. This was previously rejected by DCC. Therefore we are asking that you   request that the  White Land status should be ruled out of order as there is clearly a specific use in mind for this verge so therefore it does not fit the criteria of White Land.  We are asking that you also request that the trees and verges along the avenue are protected as they are what gives Griffith Ave its unique status as the longest tree lined avenue in Europe and is the very essence of the area.  According to the CE of DCC, there are alternative areas where an exit could be placed and we note that the Z9 verge is currently being used for community leaf mulching which is in keeping with its current zoning. (click on link below)