G.A.D.R.A. issues a Formal Submission on proposed traffic calming measures as per D.C.C. newspaper public notice.

The Griffith Ave and District Residents Association would like to formally object to the commencement of the works of the proposed Traffic Calming Measures as per DCC newspaper public notice on the following points
  • This plan was born out of a meeting to which we were excluded as were the majority of residents from the area. The meeting was convened by Mary Taylor who subsequently released the attendees and meeting notes (see attached). Recorded attendees as per DCC– Eoin A. Walsh (Area Traffic Engineer), Roy O’Connor (DCC Traffic Section), Deputy Roisin Shortall, Deputy Dessie Ellis, Councillor Paul McAuliffe, Councillor Noel Rock, Councillor Cathleen Carney-Boud, Garda Elaine Kelly and Garda Blaine Feely (Santry Garda Station) and only nine residents. (This was confirmed by the sign in sheet for May 22 2015 meeting obtained under FOI). None of the residents associations in the area including GADRA who represent over 1000 homes in the area were aware of this meeting. None of the stakeholders within the area e.g. local businesses, the Health center, schools were invited. Mary Taylor confirmed that the names of the nine residents who attended this meeting were submitted to DCC by local councillors and then the North West area office invited these residents. Given that all of the residents associations attend the community forum it is disconcerting that this meeting was convened by DCC and kept separate and secret from the forum.
·   We have been told on numerous occasions that the planned works are of a temporary nature. However the public notice makes no reference to the temporary nature of the works. In fact the works as stated are not temporary works and therefore we object to any permanent structures being put in place during this pilot such as bollards and a roundabout.
·    This pilot as described in attached newspaper notice is for an undefined time six to nine months and this is unacceptable. There needs to be defined period of time for this trial with stated starting and finishing dates.
·  There needs to be a transparent independent process by which the pilot will be assessed with criteria laid down and available in advance to residents.
·  Residents have a right to know who is assessing the pilot to ensure that there is no conflict of interests.
·  There needs to be clear and a transparent process by which the public can engage and have submissions relating to the pilot assessed which must be independent.
·   DCU engaged consultants ARUP who undertook a study of the same area at the same time as AECOM for DCU cycle path. Both consultants have differing opinions as to the traffic issues within the area. ARUP have a preferred route for a DCU cycle path coming down Bantry road with all cycle traffic being directed along Homefarm road (see attached). 
These two projects with two different consultants AECOM and ARUP are proceeding at the same time independently of each other. The impacts of one on the other has not been assessed or taken into consideration – yet the traffic from both projects is being directed along the same roads primarily Homefarm Road. We are requesting that both projects are halted until the impacts of both on each other and on the area are assessed.
GADRA objects to any works going ahead at this time.
Griffith Ave Residents and District Association.
Please refer to attachments:-

 DCU consultation -preferred route option


Notes from Area Traffic Meeting May 22nd 2015