BusConnects update

Busconnects issues within the GADRA area!
There is a huge amount of information in relation to bus connect on https://ballymunfinglasscheme.ie/ we would encourage everyone to read it.  We have asked the NTA to put a hard copy into Ballymun Library to help people to engage but to date they have refused. The TII are putting a hard copy of the Metrolink application into the library for your convience from  Oct7th

Below are some issues we want to highlight for you.

Permanent Traffic Diversions
Traffic will no longer be able to travel north via Mobhi road to Ballymun it will have to divert via the Old Finglas road this is a diversion of over 2km for private cars.
Cars travelling south on the Ballymun road will no longer be able to turn left on to Griffith Ave but be diverted via the “gyratory” to turn right around the triangle ( we still can not work out the full implication on cars trying to access our area with the gyratory) GADRA did ask for examples of a similar existing  plan anywhere in Ireland UK or Europe but the NTA did not supply one to us.

There is a loss of right of way on Mobhi Drive- Cars will only be able to go West from Mobhi Road (but there will be a permanent loss of the access to East bound traffic)
The Old Ballymun Road beside the Met Office will be closed to through traffic completely – it will be access only.

Right of Way
NTA state that there are only three losses of right of ways along the whole route, two of them occur within our small area, as detailed above.
Footpath Issues
The footpath on sections of Mobhi Road will be reduced to 1.8 meters which is below the recommended standard as stated by the NTA.
The use of Island Bus Stops throughout this plan necessitates Bus passengers alighting from a bus will have to cross a cycle track to reach the footpath (Section Given the numbers of students alighting from buses at the same time and the gradient on Mobhi Road we believe there are risks for both pedestrians, bus users and cyclists. It is not clear that the NTA pedestrian priority crossing points address this safety issue.

This CBC is directly above the Metrolink line and there is no evidence that the NTA have considered the impacts of each project on each other. These are two large constructions projects along the same area and there will be overlaps and disruption from both. GADRA do not believe residents should have to read both EIARs (Environmental Impact Assessment Report) and work it out for themselves. There are also large local private developments planned for along Mobhi Road and we are concerned how these will impact on human health and traffic. DCC have not given details of the diverted traffic routes which means we as residents are currently unaware of the potential impact. During the enabling works and construction phase of Metrolink the eastern pavement  on Mobhi road and southbound Buslane will be closed (the EIAR in Metrolink states that this closure will only add 4 seconds to a bus journey along Mobhi road section table 9.88 Volume 3 Chapter9 which leads us to ask again why the radical changes are required within our area for only 4 seconds)

Positives and Negatives
There are positives within this plan:
Cycle Track along Mobhi Road
Integrated ticketing
Bus Priority light
Reduction in fares

We are also mindful of the negative impacts as stated above along will the loss of the 11 cross city bus route. We would encourage all residents to make a submission.
Visual Impact

The NTA state that the impact on streetscape within our area will be significant and negative during construction (Section and during the operation phase (i.e. going forward phase) there will be Moderate Negative Long-term impacts (Section
There will be an impact on sensitive grass verges with the loss of mature trees along Mobhi Road including two London Planes together with the loss of six trees and several of the large conifers along the fence of the Na Fianna and HomeFarm clubs (Section There will also be a loss of trees at entrance to Hampstead Ave and of three trees between the Rise and Griffith Ave.

Submissions and Dates
The NTA have applied for planning for the Ballymun CBC as well as the Metrolink. The closing date for submissions in relation to the CBC is Nov 15th, 2022.

You can make a submission online on the An Bord Pleanála website at the following address: https://online.pleanala.ie/en-ie/sid/observation
or by post to: 

An Bord Pleanála (Strategic Infrastructure Division),
64 Marlborough Street,
Dublin 1,
D01 V902.

Any submissions/observations must be accompanied by a fee of €50 and must be received by the Board not later than 5.30 p.m. on 15th November 2022. This fee will not apply to certain prescribed bodies including those specified in Section 51(3)(b) of the Roads Act 1993 (as amended) or to landowners and others with a legal interest in land who are objecting to compulsory acquisition of land in which they have such an interest in a compulsory acquisition case.

If you have the same issues as your neighbours, you can make a joint submission. Another option is to send us your submission and we can include it by adding your name to our submission. GADRA are awaiting confirmation from ABP that this will allow you to speak at oral hearing – when and if there is one….