Illegal household/garden waste -disposal.

Dublin City Council have asked us to remind you that as DCC is trying to reduce the amount of illegal household garden waste being left out in bags right across our area by private households. Garden waste placed in DCC branded litter bags and black sacks is collected by waste management service vehicles and is disposed of in landfill where it takes up limited space and generates methane gas that is damaging our environment.

 Litter Wardens will be patrolling the area and will be issuing on the spot fines of €150 to people they witness engaging in this activity. 

DCC’s message is that  grass does not need to be collected –they are asking that you  take the collection unit off lawnmowers and allow the grass to mulch back into the ground.They want you to use leaf composting (only for leaves- no other garden waste is to go into the cages along Griffith Ave), use of brown bins and encourage you to take their green waste from your private gardens to DCC recycling centres where it can be disposed of in the correct manner – green waste from DCC recycling centres is taken to Bord na Móna to make compost and does not end up in landfill.

Please see attached notice from DCC

DCC Notice on illegal dumping.