Tree Survey scheduled in our area! (Metrolink Associated)

GADRA received a notification from Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) on 27th October outlining that TII intends to conduct a tree survey starting 1st October. Please refer to the TII communication below :-

Dear Residents,

We write to notify you that Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is intending to undertake tree surveys for the MetroLink project. The surveys will begin on Monday 30, October 2023 and will be completed in stages over a six-week period. The surveys will mainly take place in public areas. Permission will be sought in advance in relation to property/lands in private ownership.

Atkins – RPS have been contracted to conduct the tree surveys within the study area of the proposed MetroLink scheme. The surveyors will carry identification and a letter from Transport Infrastructure Ireland confirming that they are working on our behalf.

The surveys are visual inspections from the ground only and will involve the surveyors identifying and measuring trees along the route of the proposed MetroLink scheme and capturing photographic records. The surveys are part of the development of a detailed design for mitigation works in advance of construction of the MetroLink scheme.

The schedule for the tree surveys is proposed as follows:

w/c 30 October: Charlemont to Northwood

w/c 06 November: Dardistown to Fosterstown Station

w/c 13 November: Swords Station to Estuary Station

MetroLink will be a transformative piece of new public transport infrastructure comprising a high-capacity, high-frequency, modern and efficient metro railway, with 16 new stations running from Swords to Charlemont. The alignment will link Dublin Airport, Irish Rail, DART, Dublin Bus and Luas services and create a fully integrated public transport network for the Greater Dublin Area.

Further information about the MetroLink project can be found on

If you have any queries about the MetroLink project, please call the team on 1800 333 777, Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.  

Kind regards,

Linda Carroll

MetroLink Stakeholder Communications Co-ordinator