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This website is the result of contributions provided by the Griffith Avenue and District Residents Association (GADRA), and the respective residents in our area. It will be maintained by the GADRA committee. We will endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the information on the site, however occasionally users may come across an error. Should you come across one, please revert back to us and highlight any error or inaccuracy. Additionally if you encounter, any problems using this site, please inform us as soon as you can.

We have made an effort to have our web site visually appealing, with lots of pictures. We have included some older images which we have scanned from old photos and we’ve also included some more recent shots. The quality of the old photos may be somewhat impaired. Nonetheless we believe they tell an important story of our area and hope that you enjoy them all.

We would be pleased to receive, any good quality photographs of Glasnevin, Griffith Avenue and surrounds that you may have in your possession. If you have old paper photos, it would be again fantastic to get a copy of these. It would be convenient if they were sent to us digitally scanned. We may not be able to place all the photos we get on the web site. Finally we may not be able to return all hardcopy photos so make sure the images you donate are spare copies!

Note:- the photographer’s or copyright holder’s permission must be provided

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This site does not use any software that could identify you in person. If you disclose your email address, we will only use it to communicate back to you and will not rent, sell or disclose this to any third party unless required by Irish law.

An exception to all this is for third parties who may manage our contact data, and list’s etc. However please note that each of which also warrants that no use will be made of this data other than by GADRA. All emails sent to you will be of a non-commercial nature.

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