In relation to the road changes (option 6)

Dublin City Council commissioned an engineering & traffic survey in the Walsh Road / Ferguson Road vicinity after it appears a number of people lobbied for same.  
Arising from this, a total of 6 options were put forward to address the concerns that had been raised. 
GADRA were concerned that the desired outcome from the start of this process was for option # 6  ( and we made submissions that this option would seriously disrupt the day to day lives of many people in the area and extended area.
We also contacted every Councillor and TD for our area at the end of August outlining our concerns and asking them to outline their position in advance of our September AGM. 
Regrettably, in spite of our efforts, Dublin City Councillors voted to approve Option #6. Please see below details of a notification of same by Noel Rock TD. and Councillor Norma Sammon.


Dear Resident,

Following a lengthy consultation process, Dublin City Council have decided to go ahead with Option 6 – the installation of a park at the foot of Walsh and Ferguson Road. This will go ahead for a trial period of six months, after which it will be reevaluated.

Having worked to be completely impartial on this throughout the process, and simply to ensure all residents were kept informed as to the work of your Councillors, we feel the following points are worth noting:

–    The details of the scheme will go on display in Drumcondra Library from tomorrow (Wednesday, 16th November)

–    This is proposed as a six month trial, after which there will be an evaluation

–    This proposed trial was unanimously approved by local Councillors from all parties

–    The timeline of when this trial will start is currently unclear but I will attempt to get you this information where possible

We are keenly aware that this was a divisive issue, and will remain so. We have always worked to remain impartial throughout the process, as we are conscious that this was a decision to be decided by public consultation and by the Council themselves. For further reference, I enclose a diagram of the proposed scheme.